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Two Worlds (feat. Ballz)

by Zenlarge

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Two Worlds is a collaboration between American rapper Zenlarge and Nigerian Rapper Ballz. It talks about the differences in their two worlds, but in the end, it's really a song about gratitude and appreciating what you have.


In one world you’ve got Zenlarge
A forty-something guy living the american dream.
A good job, a house in the suburbs, wife, kid, 2 dogs
Surrounded by a bunch of spoiled, entitled Americans.
Then you’ve got Ballz. An 8 year old rapper out of Lagos Nigeria. A true baller.
Heh, well his world’s not exactly like that.
Two worlds.
Different, yet in some ways the same.

My world, wake up grateful every day
Got a job to work, got bills to pay, (breath)
Kiss my wife and daughter, pat my dog on the head,
This happen every mornin when I get outta bed (breath)
Drink a cup of coffee, check the news on my phone
Say a couple meditations get myself in the zone
Call my team, make a plan, don’t gotta work it alone
Time the afternoon hits a million minds are blown! (breath)

Later that day (breath) I get a call (breath)
My homie’s in town he wants to have a ball
Take him to the local bar, there’s good music tonight
DJ’s spinnin fine records, fat beats so tight (small breath)
Lotsa smiles and laughs while we’re catchin up
Exchangin story after story as I fill my cup
Get home before it’s too late, go to bed
Next day I wake up and I do it again

My World see sad faces all around
No one lookin up, always lookin down
Got their nose in their phones through their contact lens (breath)
Candy Crush, Farmville, Words with Friends
Instagram photo didn’t get much likes (breath)
Soup was cold at Jersey Mikes
Pulled a muscle when they went to Pilates class
Maid left a smudge on their looking glass

Wifi’s slow, cell phone’s slow
Train is slow, uber’s slow
fastfood’s slow, Starbucks’s slow,
My gardner’s slow, my maid is slow
Banks are slow, the mall is slow
Delivery of my online purchase is slow
Grocery store & gas station’s slow
Everything in my whole world is slow

In this world, we’re mostly all the same
Surviving to thriving is the name of the game
Just getting by is not enough
Life is amazing, overflow your cup

How are we all the same, you ask?
We all have the same needs behind our masks
We all need peace, joy, hope, and love
My little homie working with me like a hand in glove

Respect, acceptance, consideration
Support, attention, appreciation
Community, equality, communication,
Belonging, sharing, cooperation (breath)

Self-knowledge, self-care, self-realization
Honesty, integrity, integration (short breath)
Presence, purpose, inspiration
Justice, Freedom, liberation

Hopefully we all gain a little perspective
Instagram likes aren’t the main objective
Look at what you’ve got, be a little reflective
Not appreciatin’ is ineffective
Take the time to give (breath) the puppies a pet
Hug the ones you love every chance you get
Work hard for what you want, give a little sweat
And above all else keep a zen mindset

My World
can we get a little peace and harmony
My World
Get together can we be one family
My World
Never stopppin’, no we won’t give up the fight
My world
We’re gonna make things right


released March 29, 2020
Rap performed by Zenlarge & Ballz
Lyrics written by Zenlarge & Ballz
All music except the drums written and performed by Zenlarge on the Linnstrument
Drums - Jim Dooley
Singing - Yona Marie
Intro - Abraxus Kane
Produced by Zenlarge


all rights reserved



Zenlarge Raleigh, North Carolina

Zenlarge is an artist from Raleigh NC who layers rap vocals over funk, R&B, jazz, rock fusion music.

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